Atlanta Lab Systems repairs most brands of air sampling pumps. We rebuild battery packs for air samplers and for some PAPR’s. We repair high volume pumps, low volume pumps, mold pumps, bio pumps, personal pumps and area pumps.  Some brands that we repair include:  Gilian, MSA, SKC, Sensidyne,  A. P. Buck, Allegro, Gast, Thomas, Zefon, EMS, Trigon AirOne, DuPont. Call about other brands.

We repair and calibrate rotometers, bubble generated primary standards, and some dry primary standards. Call about specific models.

Atlanta Lab Systems also repairs noise dosimeters, microphones, sound level meters, and sound level calibrators. We provide calibration for these instruments as well. 

In addition, we manufacture and sell the Perm-O-Fix Acetone Vaporizer and sell refurbished air samplers.  We also repair single station and multi station chargers.

We provide fast turnaround time, usually 1 to 2 weeks, with 1 to 2 day service usually available if requested. Warranties are included with all sales and services.